NI Based Projects

USRP FM Station
FM Station Using USRP

NI USRP provides a software-defined RF architecture to rapidly design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems with custom signal processing. It can be used for applications such as multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) and LTE/WiFi testbeds, and radar systems. we have used NI USRP 2920 to Receive an FM signal and also to transmit over an FM Frequecy which can be received by our Mobile Phones.

Wireless Sensor Network

NI wireless sensor network (WSN) is a complete remote monitoring solution that consists of NI LabVIEW graphical programming software and reliable, low-power wireless measurement nodes that can be deployed in rugged conditions for long periods of time. We used WSN to transmit and recive sensor data, enabling us to remotely monitor various physical parameters in real-time. This solution is ideal for a range of applications including environmental monitoring, structural health monitoring, and industrial automation.

Solar Power Management System (Simulation)
Solar power management system

Designed a simulation for a Solar Power Management System that focuses on the effective utilization of solar power by balancing the load on solar and grid based on the charge in the battery and time of the day. The simulation was built using NI LabVIEW and allowed for the testing of different scenarios and parameters for optimal power management.

Hospital Management System with LabVIEW & MySQL

With the goal of providing easy access to patient records, I designed a LabVIEW-based system that allows medical professionals to securely store and retrieve patient data from a centralized server. The system uses mySQL as the database management system and the LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit to establish a connection to the server. This system can be accessed from any location, which is particularly helpful in emergency situations when quick access to patient information can make all the difference. The system is designed to ensure patient data is kept secure and confidential, and it provides an efficient solution for managing patient records.

List Of other Projects
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