Other Projects

Home Lab

A homelab is a valuable environment for exploring and experimenting with new technologies and applications in a controlled setting. To enhance my technical skills and experience, I designed and set up a homelab based on Linux servers. The homelab included various self-hosted services and applications, including web servers, DNS servers, media servers, file servers, and more. I used this homelab to learn and experiment with new technologies and applications that are used to provide production-level services for personal and small business projects. Through this project, I gained valuable experience in system administration, network configuration, security, and automation.

Smart Pollution Monitoring & Control

The growth in an industrial and infrastructural frameworks is leading to the environmental affairs like pollution. Now a days pollution is becoming a serious issue so there is need to build such a system which can overcome the problems and monitor as well as control the parameters and warn the industries if it crosses the set limits. For this we have designed a embedded system which measures the pollutants released by the industry and warns them if it exceeds the set limit for the specified time interval.

Home Automation using NodeMCU and blynk

The purpose of home automation is to make homes simpler, better, and more accessible. Just about every aspect of the home can be automated. Home automation is not one technology, it’s the integration of multiple technologies into one system. In the system that I designed for my home, I setup the system in such a way that, the Lights & Fans in my room can be controlled using mobile phone (through Blynk App) and also through voice using Google Assistant.

Two Digit Counter

A Digital counter is a sequential logic circuit which has a clock input signal and a group of output signals that represent an integer “counts” value. Upon each qualified clock edge, the circuit will increment the counts. a decade counter IC & 555 timer is used to perform the counting.

Arithmetic Logic Unit using DSCH & Microwind
An ALU circuit is designed using DSCH and the gate layout is designed using Microwind.